Dictionary of Law
race to the courthouse :: n. slang for the rule that the first deed, deed of ... e also: deed judgment lien mortgage
Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) statue :: n. a federal law which makes it a crime for organi ... s to operate legitimate businesses.
racketeering :: n. the federal crime of conspiring to organize to ... ("organized crime" or "the Mafia").
ransom :: 1) n. money paid to a kidnapper in demand for the ... ive. See also: abduction kidnapping
rape :: 1) n. the crime of sexual intercourse (with actual ... See also: date rape statutory rape
ratable :: adj. taxable according to value, such as an estate ... lue, such as an estate or property.
ratification :: n. confirmation of an action which was not pre-app ... mployee). See also: agent principal
ratify :: v. to confirm and adopt the act of another even th ... ligation. See also: agent principal
rational basis :: n. a test of constitutionality of a statute, askin ... imate and constitutional objective.
ready, willing and able :: adj. fully prepared to act, as in performing a con ... o act, as in performing a contract.
real estate :: n. land, improvements and buildings thereon, inclu ... the future. See also: real property
real estate investment trust :: n. nicknamed REIT, a real estate investment organi ... its upon sale-if there is a profit.
real party in interest :: n. the person or entity who will benefit from a la ... st is the beneficiary of the trust.
real property :: n. 1) all land, structures, firmly attached and in ... onal property real estate reversion
realty :: n. a short form of "real estate." See also: real e ... real estate." See also: real estate
reasonable :: adj., adv. in law, just, rational, appropriate, or ... ost of other actions or activities.
reasonable care :: n. the degree of caution and concern for the safet ... . See also: duty of care negligence
reasonable doubt :: n. not being sure of a criminal defendant's guilt ... also: preponderance of the evidence
reasonable reliance :: n. particularly in contracts, what a prudent perso ... the following:." See also: contract
reasonable speed :: n. the speed of an automobile determined to be low ... e speed limit. See also: negligence
reasonable time :: n. in contracts, common custom in the business or ... a contract using such a vague term.
reasonable wear and tear :: n. commonly used in leases to limit the tenant's r ... ble wear and tear." See also: lease
rebate :: 1) n. a discount or deduction on sales price. A se ... v. to give a discount or deduction.
rebuttable presumption :: n. since a presumption is an assumption of fact ac ... a redundancy. See also: presumption
rebuttal :: n. evidence introduced to counter, disprove or con ... tion, or responsive legal argument.
recapture :: n. in income tax, the requirement that upon sale o ... capital gains. See also: income tax
receipt :: n. a written and signed acknowledgment by the reci ... the estate of someone who has died.
receiver :: n. 1) a neutral person (often a professional trust ... owing they were obtained illegally.
receivership :: n. the process of appointment by a court of a rece ... n receivership." See also: receiver
recess :: n. a break in a trial or other court proceedings o ... t," which winds up the proceedings.
recidivist :: n. a repeat criminal offender, convicted of a crim ... victed. See also: habitual criminal
reciprocal discovery :: n. the exchange of documents, lists of witnesses, ... n before trial. See also: discovery
reciprocity :: n. mutual exchange of privileges between states, n ... any large states refuse to give it.
reckless :: adj. in both negligence and criminal cases, carele ... so: careless negligent wet reckless
reckless disregard :: n. gross negligence without concern for danger to ... gard for safety. See also: reckless
reckless driving :: n. operation of an automobile in a dangerous manne ... it. See also: reckless wet reckless
reconveyance :: n. in those states which use deeds of trust as a m ... conveyance. See also: deed of trust
record :: 1) v. (ree-cored) to put a document into the offic ... eeding race to the courthouse trial
recording acts :: n. the statutes of each state which established th ... ecorders of Deeds. See also: record
records :: n. in business, particularly corporations, all the ... s to the "records" of the business.
recoupment :: n. the right of a defendant in a lawsuit to demand ... ter, including outside the lawsuit.
recourse :: n. the right to demand payment to the writer of a ... e. See also: bill of exchange check
recover :: v. to receive a money judgment in a lawsuit. ... eive a money judgment in a lawsuit.
recoverable :: adj. referring to the amount of money to which a p ... ehicle." See also: damages judgment
recovery :: n. the amount of money and any other right or prop ... ceived by a plaintiff in a lawsuit.
recusal :: n. the act of a judge or prosecutor being removed ... other good reason. See also: recuse
recuse :: v. to refuse to be a judge (or for a judge to agre ... to the defendant. See also: recusal
redeem :: v. to buy back, as when an owner who had mortgaged ... so: foreclosure mortgage redemption
redemption :: n. the act of redeeming, buying back property by p ... ts of foreclosure. See also: redeem
reentry :: n. taking back possession and going into real prop ... ages. See also: landlord and tenant
referee :: n. a person to whom a judge refers a case to take ... on such findings. See also: master
referendum :: n. the process by which the repeal or approval of ... ter signatures on a petition filed.
reformation :: n. the correction or change of an existing documen ... neral partner sues for reformation.
refresh one's memory :: v. to use a document, exhibit or previous testimon ... it is genuine). See also: testimony
register :: n. in corporations, the record of shareholders, an ... corporation. See also: corporation
registration statement :: n. a detailed report to be filed with the Securiti ... See also: blue sky laws prospectus
registry of deeds :: n. the records of land title documents kept by the ... mployee to locate. See also: record
regulations :: n. rules and administrative codes issued by govern ... es usually have similar procedures.
rehearing :: n. conducting a hearing again based on the motion ... the judge or agency was just wrong.
rejection of claim :: n. in probate law (administration of an estate of ... stion of administrative remedies").
release :: 1) v. to give up a right as releasing one from his ... the writing that grants a release.
release on one's own recognizance :: v. for a judge to allow a criminal defendant pre-t ... ourtroom slang. See also: bail O.R.
relevancy :: n. See also: irrelevant relevant ... n. See also: irrelevant relevant
relevant :: adj. having some reasonable connection with, and i ... nt." See also: irrelevant objection
reliance :: n. acting upon another's statement of alleged fact ... able. See also: reasonable reliance
reliction :: n. gradual change of water line on real property w ... more dry land. See also: accretion
relief :: n. generic term for all types of benefits which an ... r possibilities. See also: judgment
remainder :: n. in real property law, the interest in real prop ... ed reversion title vested remainder
remainderman :: n. the person who will receive a remainder in real ... real property. See also: remainder
remand :: v. to send back. An appeals court may remand a cas ... ee also: appeal preliminary hearing
remedy :: n. the means to achieve justice in any matter in w ... gment provisional remedy settlement
remise :: v. to give up something, sometimes used in quitcla ... aim deeds. See also: quitclaim deed
remittitur :: n. 1) a judge's order reducing a judgment awarded ... party on appeal). See also: remand
remote :: adj., adv. extremely far off or slight. Evidence m ... ee also: immaterial proximate cause
removal :: n. 1) the change of a legal case from one court to ... a crime or successful impeachment.
renewal :: n. keeping an existing arrangement in force for an ... ction which evidences the new term.
rent :: 1) v. to hire an object or real property for a per ... ice. See also: lease month-to-month
rental value :: n. the amount which would be paid for rental of si ... alimony to be paid. See also: rent
renunciation :: n. 1) giving up a right, such as a right of inheri ... renunciation is factually too late.
reorganization :: n. the implementation of a business plan to restru ... also: bankruptcy corporation merger
repair :: v. to restore to former condition or in some contr ... tching to temporarily halt leaking.
repeal :: 1) v. to annul an existing law, by passage of a re ... n. the act of annulling a statute.
replevin :: n. under common law, the right to bring a lawsuit ... se of action" for all civil wrongs.
reply brief :: n. the written legal argument of the respondent (t ... ee also: appeal appellee respondent
reports :: n. the published decisions of appeals courts in al ... ilable in almost all law libraries.
repossess :: v. to take back property through judicial processe ... upon default in required payments.
represent :: v. 1) to act as the agent for another. 2) to act a ... parties." See also: representation
representation :: n. 1) the act of being another's agent. 2) acting ... ns or in court. See also: represent
representative :: 1) n. an agent. 2) n. in probate law, a generic te ... of the conditions at the job site."
reprieve :: n. a temporary delay in imposition of the death pe ... commutation of sentence or pardon.
repudiation :: n. denial of the existence of a contract and/or re ... also: anticipatory breach contract
reputation :: n. a person's good name, honor or what the communi ... See also: defamation libel slander
reputed :: adj. referring to what is accepted by general publ ... lic belief, whether or not correct.
request :: 1) v. to ask or demand a judge to act (such as iss ... n. the act of asking or demanding.
requirements contract :: n. a contract between a supplier (or manufacturer) ... produces. See also: output contract
res :: (rayz)n. Latin, "thing." In law lingo res is used ... other Latin words as "thing that."
res adjudicata :: n. a thing (legal matter) already determined by a ... es judicata. See also: res judicata
res gestae :: (rayz jest-tie) n. from Latin for "things done," i ... n those circumstances are reliable.
res ipsa loquitur :: (rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her) n. Latin for "the thing ... plex doctrine. See also: negligence
res judicata :: : (rayz judy-cot-ah) n. Latin for "the thing has b ... djudicata. See also: res adjudicata
resale :: n. selling again, particularly at retail. 2) adj. ... ction of sales tax on retail sales.
rescind :: v. to cancel a contract, putting the parties back ... celling party. See also: rescission
rescission :: n. the cancellation of a contract by mutual agreem ... t of the parties. See also: rescind
rescue doctrine :: n. the rule of law that if a rescuer of a person h ... to the car grill. See also: damages
reservation :: n. a provision in a deed which keeps (reserves) to ... reserves lot 5." See also: reserve
reserve :: v. to keep for oneself a right or a portion of the ... e to another. See also: reservation
reserve fund :: n. a fund of money created to take care of mainten ... associations maintain such a fund.
residence :: n. 1) the place where one makes his/her home. Howe ... f incorporation. See also: resident
resident :: n. a person who lives in a particular place. Howev ... the occupation. See also: residence
residuary bequest :: n. in a will, the gift of whatever is left (the re ... residuary legacy. See also: residue
residue :: n. in a will, the assets of the estate of a person ... distribution residuary bequest will
resisting arrest :: n. the crime of using physical force (no matter ho ... referred to merely as "resisting."
resolution :: n. a determination of policy of a corporation by t ... nactment of statutes or ordinances.
respondeat superior :: (rehs-pond-dee-at superior) n. Latin for "let the ... : agency agent negligence principal
respondent :: n. 1) the party who is required to answer a petiti ... "appellant") in the appeals court.
responsible :: adj. 1) legally liable or accountable. 2) having t ... ving the ability to pay or perform.
Restatement of the Law :: n. a series of detailed statements of the basic la ... tracts, property, torts and trusts.
restitution :: n. 1) returning to the proper owner property or th ... her a shorter sentence than normal.
restraining order :: n. a temporary order of a court to keep conditions ... so: injunction permanent injunction
restraint of trade :: n. in antitrust law, any activity (including agree ... also: antitrust laws monopoly trust
restraint on alienation :: n. an attempt in a deed or will to prevent the sal ... enant rule against perpetuities use
restriction :: n. any limitation on activity, by statute, regulat ... rated into the title of each owner.
restrictive covenant :: n. 1) an agreement included in a deed to real prop ... o: covenant that runs with the land
restrictive endorsement :: n. an endorsement signed on the back of a check, n ... indorsement." See also: endorsement
result :: n. common lawyer lingo for outcome of a lawsuit. ... yer lingo for outcome of a lawsuit.
resulting trust :: n. a trust implied by law (as determined by a cour ... See also: constructive trust trust
retainer :: n. the advance payment to an attorney for services ... e stuck with extensive unpaid fees.
retire :: v. 1) to stop working at one's occupation. 2) to p ... y instructions have been completed.
retraction :: n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit ... igation. See also: defamation libel
retrial :: n. a new trial granted upon the motion of the losi ... al or reversed by an appeals court.
retroactive :: adj. referring to a court's decision or a statute ... ospective." See also: ex post facto
return of service :: n. written confirmation under oath by a process se ... ee also: service service of process
revenue ruling :: n. a published opinion of the Internal Revenue Ser ... evenue ruling. See also: income tax
reversal :: n. the decision of a court of appeal ruling that t ... e of damages is ordered to dismiss.
reversible error :: n. a legal mistake at the trial court level which ... nt at the trial. See also: reversal
reversion :: n. in real property, the return to the grantor or ... lled "reverter." See also: reverter
reverter :: n. synonymous with reversion. See also: reversion ... with reversion. See also: reversion
review :: n. the judicial consideration of a lower court jud ... ate court reversal reversible error
revival :: n. 1) requesting a court to reinstate the force of ... e of limitations (the time to sue).
revocation :: n. 1) mutual cancellation of a contract by the par ... c offenses. See also: contract will
revoke :: v. to annul or cancel an act, particularly a state ... oke a license. See also: revocation
RICO :: n. ... n.
rider :: n. 1) an attachment to a document which adds to or ... sic bill has support. 3) passenger.
right :: 1) n. an entitlement to something, whether to conc ... e also: civil rights marital rights
right of way :: n. 1) a pathway or road with a specific descriptio ... s easement egress floating easement
right to privacy :: n. the possible right to be let alone, in absence ... e also: invasion of privacy privacy
rights :: n. 1) plural of right, which is the collection of ... evidence. See also: Miranda warning
riot :: n. 1) technically a turbulent and violent disturba ... to unlawful possession of firearms.
riparian :: adj. referring to the banks of a river or stream. ... to the banks of a river or stream.
riparian rights :: n. the right of the owner of the land forming the ... elled away from its natural course.
ripe :: adj. in constitutional law, referring to a law cas ... or more issues raised by the case.
risk :: n. chances of danger or loss, particularly of prop ... so: assumption of risk risk of loss
risk of loss :: n. the responsibility a carrier, borrower or user ... e is damage or loss. See also: risk
roadside test :: n. a preliminary test law enforcement officers use ... g while intoxicated Miranda warning
robbery :: n. 1) the direct taking of property (including mon ... We've been robbed." See also: theft
rogatory letters :: n. a written request by a judge to a judge in anot ... also: deposition testimony witness
royalty :: n. a percentage of gross or net profit or a fixed ... also: copyright infringement patent
rule :: 1) v. to decide a legal question, by a court, as i ... ee also: regulations rules of court
rule against perpetuities :: n. the legal prohibition against tying up property ... . See also: restraint on alienation
rules of court :: n. a set of procedural regulations adopted by cour ... s counsel. See also: procedure rule
ruling :: n. court decision on a case or any legal question. ... on on a case or any legal question.
running at large :: adj. 1) referring to cattle or other animals which ... om an entire city, county or state.
running with the land :: adj. permanently part of the title (ownership) to ... title (ownership) to real property.