Dictionary of Law
O.R. :: n. short for "own recognizance," meaning the judge ... "OR-ed." See also: own recognizance
O.S.C. :: n. short for order to show cause. See also: order ... ause. See also: order to show cause
oath :: n. 1) a swearing to tell the truth, the whole trut ... ountry. See also: affidavit perjury
obiter dicta :: : (oh-bitter dick-tah) n. remarks of a judge which ... imply dicta. See also: dicta dictum
object :: 1) v. to ask the court not to allow a particular q ... he contract..." See also: objection
objection :: n. a lawyer's protest about the legal propriety of ... ng question object overrule sustain
obligation :: n. a legal duty to pay or do something. ... legal duty to pay or do something.
obligee :: (ah-bluh-jee) n. the person or entity to whom an o ... ne to be paid on a promissory note.
obligor :: (ah-bluh-gore) n. the person or entity who owes an ... who must pay on a promissory note.
obscene :: adj., adv. a highly subjective reference to materi ... en I see it." See also: pornography
obstruction of justice :: n. an attempt to interfere with the administration ... n arrest. Such activity is a crime.
occupancy :: n. 1) living in or using premises, as a tenant or ... ining ownership. See also: occupant
occupant :: n. 1) someone living in a residence or using premi ... gain ownership. See also: occupancy
occupation :: n. 1) fairly permanent trade, profession, employme ... of real property or use of a thing.
occupational disease :: n. an illness resulting from long-term employment ... tion for a work-related disability.
occupational hazard :: n. a danger or risk inherent in certain employment ... e of death or injury while at work.
occupy the field :: v. to preempt (monopolize) an area of statutory la ... ertain topics. See also: preemption
of counsel :: adj. reference to an attorney who is not actively ... quiring his/her full-time presence.
off calendar :: adj. refers to an order of the court to take a law ... of either party. See also: calendar
offender :: n. an accused defendant in a criminal case or one ... crime. See also: accused defendant
offense :: n. a crime or punishable violation of law of any t ... type or magnitude. See also: crime
offer :: n. a specific proposal to enter into an agreement ... es the contract. See also: contract
offer of proof :: n. an explanation made by an attorney to a judge d ... rial irrelevant objection testimony
offeree :: n. a person or entity to whom an offer to enter in ... t is made by another (the offeror).
offeror :: n. a person or entity who makes a specific proposa ... t. See also: contract offer offeree
officer :: n. 1) a high-level management official of a corpor ... deputy sheriff or federal marshal.
officer of the court :: n. any person who has an obligation to promote jus ... also: attorney bailiff clerk judge
official :: 1) adj. referring to an act, document or anything ... tion or business. See also: officer
official misconduct :: n. improper and/or illegal acts by a public offici ... ty. See also: color of law official
officious intermeddler :: n. a volunteer who assists and/or benefits another ... efit. See also: Good Samaritan rule
offset :: 1) n. also called a "setoff," the deduction by a d ... e also: counterclaim defense setoff
offshore corporation :: n. a corporation chartered under the laws of a cou ... nds in accounts out of the country.
omission :: n. 1) failure to perform an act agreed to, where t ... of contract negligence reformation
omnibus clause :: n. 1) an automobile insurance policy clause which ... he beneficiaries named in the will.
on all fours :: adj. a reference to a lawsuit in which all the leg ... ame conclusion. See also: precedent
on demand :: adj. in a promissory note, a requirement that the ... demand note." See also: demand note
on file :: prep. having been formally filed with the clerk of ... eading is "on file." See also: file
on or about :: prep. a phrase referring to a date or place used i ... reets:." See also: charge complaint
on or before :: prep. a phrase usually found in a contract or prom ... ich may be done prior to that date.
on the merits :: adj. referring to a judgment, decision or ruling o ... s if this mistake had not occurred.
on the stand :: prep. testifying during a trial, in which the witn ... troom and behind a knee-high panel.
open court :: n. the conduct of judicial proceedings (trials, he ... which are usually held in chambers.
opening statement :: n. the explanation by the attorneys for both sides ... rgument. See also: closing argument
operation of law :: n. a change or transfer which occurs automatically ... atically upon the child turning 18.
opinion :: n. the explanation of a court's judgment. When a t ... which the author is not specified.
option :: n. a right to purchase property or require another ... ng or upon expiration of the lease.
or :: conj. either; in the alternative. It is often vita ... n," both must sign to change title.
oral contract :: n. an agreement made with spoken words and either ... itten. See also: agreement contract
order :: 1) n. every direction or mandate of a judge or a c ... defendant. See also: judge judgment
order to show cause :: n. a judge's written mandate that a party appear i ... vernmental agency. See also: O.S.C.
ordinance :: n. a statute enacted by a city or town. ... statute enacted by a city or town.
ordinary :: adj. regular, customary and continuing, and not un ... , ordinary risks or ordinary skill.
ordinary course of business :: n. conduct of business within normal commercial cu ... rmal commercial customs and usages.
original jurisdiction :: n. the authority of a court to hold a trial, as di ... l judgments. See also: jurisdiction
orphan :: n. a child, particularly a minor, whose two natura ... an a child who has lost one parent.
ostensible agent :: n. a person who has been given the appearance of b ... rent authority ostensible authority
ostensible authority :: n. apparent authority to do something or represent ... apparent authority ostensible agent
ouster :: n. 1) the wrongful dispossession (putting out) of ... ainst his/her expectations or will.
out of court :: adj. referring to actions, including negotiations ... is dismissed. See also: settlement
outbuilding :: n. a structure not connected with the primary resi ... arn, cabana, pool house or cottage.
outlaw :: n. popularly, anyone who commits serious crimes an ... us crimes and acts outside the law.
out-of-pocket expenses :: n. moneys paid directly for necessary items by a c ... amages beyond normal wear and tear.
output contract :: n. an agreement in which a producer agrees to sell ... h it may have to store away a glut.
overcharge :: v. 1) to charge more than a posted or advertised p ... osecutor to intimidate the accused.
overrule :: v. 1) to reject an attorney's objection to a quest ... : appellate court objection sustain
overt act :: n. in criminal law, an action which might be innoc ... terrorist bombing of that building.
owe :: v. to have a legal duty to pay funds to another. H ... arrived. See also: debt due payable
own :: v. to have legal title or right to something. Mere ... . Mere possession is not ownership.
own recognizance :: (O.R.) n. the basis for a judge allowing a person ... n recognizance. See also: bail O.R.
owner :: n. one who has legal title or right to something. ... ke one a legal owner. See also: own
ownership :: n. legal title coupled with exclusive legal right ... st in the same thing. See also: own