Dictionary of Law
face amount :: n. the original amount due on a promissory note or ... rein, without calculating interest.
face value :: n. in shares of stock, the original cost of the st ... on the certificate, or "par value."
fact :: n. an actual thing or happening, which must be pro ... dge if he/she sits without a jury).
fact finder (finder of fact) :: n. in a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution ... n facts. See also: question of fact
factor :: n. 1) a salesman who sells in his/her own name on ... ing that contributes to the result.
failure of consideration :: n. not delivering goods or services when promised ... n. See also: consideration contract
failure of issue :: n. when someone dies leaving no children or other ... ildren or other direct descendants.
fair comment :: n. a statement of opinion (no matter how ludicrous ... amation libel public figure slander
fair market value :: n. the amount for which property would sell on the ... so: appraise appraiser market value
fair trade laws :: n. state laws which permit manufacturers or produc ... state constitutions in many states.
fair use :: n. the non-competitive right to use of copyrighted ... for a royalty. See also: copyright
false arrest :: n. physically detaining someone without the legal ... sment. See also: false imprisonment
false imprisonment :: n. depriving someone of freedom of movement by hol ... for damages. See also: false arrest
false pretenses :: n. the crime of knowingly making untrue statements ... orm of theft. See also: fraud theft
family :: n. 1) husband, wife and children. 2) all blood rel ... ting this economic and social unit.
family purpose doctrine :: n. a rule of law that the registered owner of an a ... riving his/her car with permission.
federal courts :: n. the court system which handles civil and crimin ... rans' appeals. See also: bankruptcy
federal question :: n. one basis for filing a lawsuit in federal distr ... ves the federal court jurisdiction.
Federal Tort Claims Act :: n. a statute (1948) which removed the power of the ... diction to federal district courts.
fee :: n. 1) absolute title in land, from old French, fie ... See also: attorney's fee fee simple
fee simple :: n. absolute title to land, free of any other claim ... e:" or similar words. See also: fee
fee tail :: n. an old feudal expression for a title to real pr ... rest only. See also: fee fee simple
felon :: n. a person who has been convicted of a felony, wh ... or federal prison. See also: felony
felonious :: adj. referring to an act done with criminal intent ... is an attack meant to do real harm.
felony :: n. 1) a crime sufficiently serious to be punishabl ... ion. See also: misdemeanor sentence
felony murder doctrine :: n. a rule of criminal statutes that any death whic ... arged with murder. See also: murder
fertile octogenarian :: n. an unrealistic notion that any person (male or ... e passed laws to cure this anomaly.
fictitious defendants :: n. when a party suing (plaintiff) is not sure if h ... are not permitted in federal cases.
fiduciary :: 1) n. from the Latin fiducia, meaning "trust," a p ... lation fiduciary relationship trust
fiduciary relationship :: n. where one person places complete confidence in ... handling. See also: fiduciary trust
fighting words :: n. words intentionally directed toward another per ... he basis for a lawsuit for assault.
file :: 1) v. to deposit with the clerk of the court a wri ... rrespondence and notes on the case.
final decree :: n. another name for a final judgment. In states wh ... together). See also: final judgment
final judgment :: n. the written determination of a lawsuit by the j ... : final decree interlocutory decree
final settlement :: n. an agreement reached by the parties to a lawsui ... rneys present. See also: settlement
finding :: n. the determination of a factual question vital ( ... e case. See also: conclusion of law
findings of fact :: n. See also: finding ... n. See also: finding
firm offer :: n. in contract law, an offer (usually in writing) ... ptance contract counter offer offer
first degree murder :: n. although it varies from state to state, it is g ... aughter murder second degree murder
first impression :: adj. referring to a legal issue which has never be ... s for both sides to assist him/her.
fixture :: n. a piece of equipment which has been attached to ... ary repair. See also: trade fixture
flight :: n. running away or hiding by a person officially a ... of avoiding arrest or prosecution.
floating easement :: n. an easement (a right to use another's property ... of the easement. See also: easement
FOB :: 1) adj. short for free on board, meaning shipped t ... cost. 2) Friend of Bill (Clinton).
for value received :: prep. a phrase used in a promissory note, a bill o ... hout stating what that payment was.
forbearance :: n. an intentional delay in collecting a debt or de ... the debtor to pay an added amount.
forced sale :: n. a sale of goods seized by the sheriff to satisf ... ay) a judgment. See also: execution
forcible entry :: n. the crime of taking possession of a house or ot ... ce after having come in peacefully.
foreclosure :: n. the system by which a party who has loaned mone ... ced sale mortgage notice of default
foreclosure sale :: n. the actual forced sale of real property at a pu ... dicial sale mortgage sheriff's sale
foreign corporation :: n. a corporation which is incorporated under the l ... tate or Whoopee's designated agent.
forensic :: 1) adj. from Latin forensis for "belonging to the ... in legal matters, including trials.
forensic medicine :: n. research, reports and testimony in court by exp ... dical examiners. See also: forensic
forensic testimony :: n. any testimony of expert scientific, engineering ... ee also: forensic forensic medicine
forensics :: n. public speaking or argumentation. ... . public speaking or argumentation.
foreseeability :: n. reasonable anticipation of the possible results ... e also: foreseeable risk negligence
foreseeable risk :: n. a danger which a reasonable person should antic ... reseeable. See also: foreseeability
forfeit :: v. to lose property or rights involuntarily as a p ... drunk driving. See also: forfeiture
forfeiture :: n. loss of property due to a violation of law. See ... violation of law. See also: forfeit
forger :: n. a person who commits the crime of forgery, by m ... ts or signatures. See also: forgery
forgery :: n. 1) the crime of creating a false document, alte ... See also: counterfeit forger fraud
fornication :: n. sexual intercourse between a man and woman who ... obbers, murderers and drug dealers.
forthwith :: adv. a term found in contracts, court orders and s ... mediacy, with no excuses for delay.
forum :: n. a court which has jurisdiction to hold a trial ... f a particular lawsuit or petition.
forum non conveniens :: (for-uhm nahn cahn-vee-nee-ehns) n. Latin for a fo ... most convenient location for trial.
foster child :: n. a child without parental support and protection ... local government or a state agency.
four corners of an instrument :: n. the term for studying an entire document to und ... solve an ambiguity in its language.
franchise :: 1) n. a right granted by the government to a perso ... on property, income or profits tax.
franchise tax :: n. a state tax on corporations or businesses. See ... sinesses. See also: corporation tax
fraud :: n. the intentional use of deceit, a trick or some ... audulent conveyance intrinsic fraud
fraud in the inducement :: n. the use of deceit or trick to cause someone to ... nt. See also: extrinsic fraud fraud
fraudulent conveyance :: n. the transfer (conveyance) of title to real prop ... the conveyance will probably fail.
free and clear :: adj. referring to the ownership of real property u ... the title has no claim against it.
free on board (FOB) :: adj. referring to purchased goods shipped without ... ns to somewhere else. See also: FOB
freehold :: n. any interest in real property which is a life e ... -year variety). See also: leasehold
fresh pursuit :: n. immediate chase of a suspected criminal by a la ... hot pursuit. See also: hot pursuit
friendly suit :: n. a lawsuit filed in order to obtain a court orde ... eement in which there was an error.
frisk :: v. quickly patting down the clothes of a possible ... k women and men officers frisk men.
frivolous :: adj. referring to a legal move in a lawsuit clearl ... ing the courts to resolve disputes.
fruit of the poisonous tree :: n. in criminal law, the doctrine that evidence dis ... property. See also: Miranda warning
frustration of purpose :: n. sometimes called commercial frustration, when u ... n. See also: commercial frustration
fugitive from justice :: n. a person convicted or accused of a crime who hi ... extradition. See also: extradition
full disclosure :: n. the need in business transactions to tell the " ... icant fact. See also: caveat emptor
full faith and credit :: n. the provision in Article IV, Section 1 of the U ... "foreign" (out-of-state) judgment.
fungible things :: n. sometimes merely called "fungibles," goods whic ... are securities which are identical.
future interest :: n. a right to receive either real property or pers ... maturity (age 18) or upon marriage.