Dictionary of Law
Bachelor of Laws :: n. the degree in law from a law school, abbreviate ... troactively. See also: Juris Doctor
back-to-back life sentences :: n. slang for consecutive life terms imposed by a j ... ther 25 years for a parole hearing.
bad debt :: n. an uncollectible debt. The problem is to determ ... ust no income on which to be taxed.
bad faith :: 1) n. intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling ... ean hands doctrine fraud good faith
bail :: 1) n. the money or bond put up to secure the relea ... bond bail bondsman own recognizance
bail bond :: n. a bond provided by an insurance company through ... urned. See also: bail bail bondsman
bail bondsman :: n. a professional agent for an insurance company w ... t to jail. See also: bail bail bond
bailee :: n. a person, also called a custodian, with whom so ... he goods. See also: bailment bailor
bailiff :: n. 1) a court official, usually a deputy sheriff, ... isdictional territory of a bailiff.
bailment :: n. 1) the act of placing property in the custody a ... "bailment." See also: bailee bailor
bailor :: n. a person who leaves goods in the custody of ano ... is found. See also: bailee bailment
bait and switch :: n. a dishonest sales practice in which a business ... rants the costs of a separate suit.
balance due :: n. the amount of a debt still owed on an account o ... cipal due without further interest.
balance sheet :: n. the statement of the assets and the liabilities ... ctivity and health of the business.
bank :: n. 1) an officially chartered institution empowere ... erred to as "in bank" or "en banc."
bankruptcy :: n. a federal system of statutes and courts which p ... y proceedings trustee in bankruptcy
bankruptcy court :: n. the specialized federal court in which bankrupt ... : bankruptcy bankruptcy proceedings
bankruptcy proceedings :: n. the bankruptcy procedure is: a) filing a petiti ... ankruptcy court claim in bankruptcy
bar :: 1) n. collectively all attorneys, as "the bar," wh ... a room, building, or real property.
bar association :: n. an organization of lawyers. There are two types ... oluntary organization of attorneys.
bar examination :: n. the examination given in each state by either t ... n that district. See also: attorney
bargain :: n. 1) a mutual agreement or contract between two p ... o: agreement consideration contract
barratry :: n. creating legal business by stirring up disputes ... ent he/she has no legitimate claim.
barrister :: n. in the United States a fancy name for a lawyer ... ome barristers. See also: solicitor
basis :: n. the original cost of an asset to be used to det ... ssistance. See also: adjusted basis
battery :: n. the actual intentional striking of someone, wit ... e also: assault assault and battery
beach bum trust provision :: n. a requirement in a trust that a beneficiary can ... live off the trust. See also: trust
bearer :: n. anyone holding something, such as a check, prom ... bearer paper negotiable instrument
bearer paper :: n. negotiable instrument (e.g. a bond) which is pa ... sion (the bearer). See also: bearer
belief :: n. convinced of the truth of a statement or allega ... t. See also: information and belief
bench :: n. 1) general term for all judges, as in "the benc ... h court judge sidebar witness stand
bench warrant :: n. a warrant issued by a judge, often to command s ... appear in court. See also: warrant
beneficial interest :: n. the right of a party to some profit, distributi ... benefits. See also: contract trust
beneficial use :: n. the right to enjoy the use of something (partic ... s is held by another. See also: use
beneficiary :: n. a broad definition for any person or entity (li ... beneficiary third-party beneficiary
benefit :: 1) n. any profit or acquired right or privilege, p ... fit Ken Murray." See also: contract
benefit of counsel :: n. having the opportunity to have an attorney and ... attorney is the person's own fault.
bequeath :: v. to give personal property under provisions of a ... s of a will. See also: bequest will
bequest :: n. the gift of personal property under the terms o ... e been made). See also: legacy will
best evidence rule :: n. the legal doctrine that an original piece of ev ... ence in a trial. See also: evidence
bestiality :: n. copulation by a human with an animal, which is ... re." See also: crime against nature
beyond a reasonable doubt :: adj. part of jury instructions in all criminal tri ... on moral certainty reasonable doubt
BFP :: n. slang for bona fide purchaser, which means some ... ner). See also: bona fide purchaser
bias :: n. the predisposition of a judge, arbitrator, pros ... ire. See also: hometowned voir dire
bid :: n. an offer to purchase with a specific price stat ... getting the job. See also: contract
bifurcate :: v. the order or ruling of a judge that one issue i ... is necessary. See also: bifurcation
bifurcation :: n. the act of a judge in dividing issues before a ... on the other issue. (See bifurcate
bigamy :: n. the condition of having two wives or two husban ... d to several husbands is polyandry.
bilateral contract :: n. an agreement in which the parties exchange prom ... also: contract unilateral contract
bill :: n. 1) what is commonly called a "check" by which t ... ions, which is falling into disuse.
bill of attainder :: n. a legislative act which declares a named person ... e I, Section 9 of the Constitution.
bill of exchange :: n. a writing by a party (maker or drawer) ordering ... awn on a bank account is a "check."
bill of lading :: n. a receipt obtained by the shipper of goods from ... ll of lading, there is no delivery.
bill of particulars :: n. a written itemization of claims which a defenda ... the factual bases for the charges.
Bill of Rights :: n. the first ten amendments to the federal Constit ... ved to the states or to the people.
bill of sale :: n. a written statement attesting to the transfer ( ... ther provisions. See also: contract
binder :: n. a written statement of the key terms of an agre ... rance coverage. See also: insurance
blackmail :: n. the crime of threatening to reveal embarrassing ... e to property). See also: extortion
blank endorsement :: n. endorsement of a check or other negotiable pape ... id. See also: negotiable instrument
blue laws :: n. state or local laws which prohibit certain acti ... estiges remain at least informally.
blue ribbon jury :: n. a jury selected from prominent, well-educated c ... ight to have a jury of one's peers.
blue sky laws :: n. laws intended to protect the public from purcha ... e sky." See also: corporation stock
board of directors :: n. the policy managers of a corporation or organiz ... he expertise. See also: corporation
boiler room :: n. a telephone bank operation in which fast-talkin ... and in violation of security laws.
boilerplate :: n., adj. slang for provisions in a contract, form ... favor and/or protect the provider.
bona fide :: adj. Latin for "good faith," it signifies honesty, ... t doubt on the right to hold title.
bona fide purchaser :: n. commonly called BFP in legal and banking circle ... See also: BFP holder in due course
bond :: n. 1) written evidence of debt issued by a company ... good up to the amount of the bond.
bondsman :: n. 1) someone who sells bail bonds. 2) a surety (g ... also: bail bond bail bondsman bond
booby trap :: n. a device set up to be triggered to harm or kill ... protect one's property is a crime.
book account :: n. an account of a customer kept in a business led ... or a debt. See also: account stated
book value :: n. a determination of the value of a corporation's ... ssets may be under- or over-valued.
bottomry :: n. a mortgage contract in which a ship and/or its ... n sell the ship and/or its freight.
boycott :: n. organized refusal to purchase products or patro ... e laws. See also: secondary boycott
breach :: 1) n. literally, a break. A breach may be a failur ... breach of trust breach of warranty
breach of contract :: n. failing to perform any term of a contract, writ ... breach breach specific performance
breach of promise :: n. historically, the dumping of a female fiancee b ... d no longer exist. See also: breach
breach of the peace :: n. any act which disturbs the public or even one p ... g inappropriately. See also: breach
breach of trust :: n. 1) any act which is in violation of the duties ... ise or confidence. See also: breach
breach of warranty :: n. determination that a statement as to title of p ... See also: implied warranty warranty
breaking and entering :: n. 1) the criminal act of entering a residence or ... above. See also: burglary trespass
bribery :: n. the crime of giving or taking money or some oth ... s which are against company policy.
brief :: 1) n. a written legal argument, usually in a forma ... another person. See also: precedent
broker :: n. in general, a person who arranges contracts bet ... security ("hocked") at high rates.
brought to trial :: v. the act of actually beginning a trial, usually ... y or beginning opening statements).
bucket shop :: n. an unofficial and usually illegal betting opera ... the stock and commodities markets.
building and loan :: n. another name for savings and loan association. ... payment. See also: savings and loan
bulk sale :: n. the sale of all or a large part of a merchant's ... entories. See also: bulk sales acts
bulk sales acts :: n. state laws (spelled out in the Uniform Commerci ... g without paying current creditors.
bulk transfer :: bulk sale ... bulk sale
burden :: n. anything that results in a restrictive load upo ... perty to reach his home (easement).
burden of proof :: n. the requirement that the plaintiff (the party b ... ence prima facie weight of evidence
burglary :: n. the crime of breaking and entering into a struc ... le. See also: breaking and entering
business :: n. any activity or enterprise entered into for pro ... pleasure or no particular purpose.
business invitee :: n. a person entering commercial premises for the p ... to the contrary. See also: invitee
but for rule :: n. one of several tests to determine if a defendan ... e damage. See also: proximate cause
buy-sell agreement :: n. a contract among the owners of a business which ... older's interest in the enterprise.
bylaws :: n. the written rules for conduct of a corporation, ... d/or amended. See also: corporation